Coronavirus: Working from home? Try if you can!

As an Internet Service Provider for the business sector, I don't recall having to speak to as many customers about why their Internet connection is so slow as I have been doing lately.

The first thing that the customer usually says is that there is a problem with our Internet service, and why is it running so slowly. Once they have calmed down and stopped shouting we begin to have a conversation about what they

have been doing and how they are connected. As you will no doubt be all too aware, so many people are now working remotely from home and connecting back to their office systems via their Internet connection. Most people I speak to have actually found that they have been more productive working from home than they normally are when they work from the office. There's one small problem. Many seem to have problems connecting back to the office systems at certain times and they are convinced that it is their Internet Service Provider who is at fault.

Actually, we are now beginning to realise that for all these years, where people have been going on about how good their download speeds are and the total focus on the downstream part of the Internet connections, nobody seemed to actually think that the upstream and the upload speeds of the Internet connection was important at all. Not until now.

Working remotely from home may seem like a great way to work, and it may seem easy to be able to connect to your computer systems back at the office, but unless the company you work for has an Internet connection capable of supporting multiple VPN connections all trying to connect to the office at the same time, then you may find that you can't connect at all. Which takes me back to the beginning where my customers have been complaining about slow Internet speeds.

In most of these cases it turned out that the customers were trying to work remotely from home and were all trying to connect back to the office server. The problem was that the Internet connections back at the offices were asymmetrical broadband connections and didn't have enough bandwidth to support the number of inbound VPN connections of the home workers. It wasn't the home workers Internet connections that were causing the problem, it was the connection back at the office.

So what do we do to fix the problem they asked. The answer was simple. Upgrade the Internet connection back at the office to one which was symmetrical so that the upload speeds were the same as the download speeds, and that there was enough bandwidth to cope with the number of inbound VPN connections.

If you or your company has been experiencing problems like this then why not get in touch with us and we will look at the problem and see if we can fix it for you.

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