Bradford's Broadband Just Became One Of The Fastest On The Planet

Legend Fibre Launches the Fastest Symmetrical Residential Fibre Broadband Service in Bradford

For such a long time now, Bradford has been left behind when it comes to residential broadband services. Even though the likes of BT and Virgin Media have promised to upgrade the city with their own different versions of residential full fibre broadband services that will deliver Gigabit download speeds, they still fall well short when it comes to their upload speeds. Why on earth would anyone want a broadband service which provides a download speed of up to 1,000Mbps but no more than 150Mbps when it comes to the upload speeds?

Well, this is no longer the case! A new kid is in town and ready to disrupt the norm.

Legend Fibre, a Bradford based residential broadband provider, has just launched it's brand new "Full Fibre" Gigabit broadband service, and what's more, it's symmetrical!

This means that customers in Bradford can now order this eye wateringly fast broadband. Also, because of it's proximity to IXBradford, Bradford's first and only Internet Exchange (IXP), which also operates out of the Legend Data Centre in Bradford, all broadband traffic travels via this Internet Exchange which means you get the very lowest network latency and ping times and the fastest possible speeds. This makes the service perfect for gamers who rely on low latency to give them the fastest response times while they play their games.

Families living in Bradford can now also take advantage of this superior service by connecting multiple devices within the home at the same time. You can watch streaming media service such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and any other streaming media services on multiple devices in multiple rooms without experiencing any network buffering, and the pictures will be in crystal clear quality, even if you are watching 4K UHD movies at the same time.

Not everywhere in Bradford has been enabled yet though. Working very closely with CityFibre, the third largest fibre provider in the UK, and following a £75 million investment commitment , into laying fibre throughout the whole of Bradford, Legend Fibre hopes to be able to offer its full fibre Gigabit broadband service to almost 150,000 residential properties within the next three years. If you would like to see if you can get this service now then click on the "horses Head" banner below and enter your postcode into the postcode checker. If the service is not yet available on your street, then don't worry, because it will be soon. Just register your interest when it asks you to and we will keep you posted and up to date with news, and we will let you know when you are able to order the service.